Songs of Cultures

A musical journey for kids across all devices
Songs of Cultures AR Mock Up

Unity for Humanity 2022, Imagine Grant Winner
Media Award LEOPOLD interactive  2021 – Fine music for kids
BESTFORM Award 2019 – Finalist


EFRE – Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung
Art Foundation of the State of Saxony-Anhalt and Kloster Bergesche Foundation

Spark the love for cultures & languages through children’s songs – with magical music worlds & funny animals enchanted into your room by Augmented Reality.


The world is growing closer together than ever. Still there are gaps in knowing each others culture. Different countries have different customs, songs and rituals. To promote a better understanding of languages, cultures and empathy for each other’s perspective we need to apply design thinking and social entrepreneurship towards technology.

By creating a meaningful application like “Songs of Cultures” we can show the beautiful side of cultures with songs, melodies and legends in a didactic and entertaining way. It’s a multilingual children WebApp accessible in on all devices within the browser, including songs and loving illustrations in which fantastic worlds and characters are brought to life. As an educational game it awakens interest in other cultures and promotes the ability to deal with them openly. The book serves as a haptical and physical element with the app which conveys melodies and lyrics through simple interactions. Songs are sung by characters who magically immerse the environment in a new cultural atmosphere. Their appearance and their instruments show typical characteristics of the different cultures. You can simply listen, enjoy or sing along and practice lyrics and melodies.

Created in cooperation with educators and parents, Songs of Cultures easily helps children to discover different countries, their languages and special features. With curiosity and fun, the app simplifies the integration of children into a new environment and exploring their own background.

Recommended age: 3-10 years


  • Learn about cultures and languages with the magic of Augmented Reality

  • Popular songs from Vietnam, Germany and Great Britain

  • Music for children – by award-winning artists such as the children’s songwriter Toni Geiling & the Lotus Ensemble

  • Inspiring animals sing & play authentic instruments

  • Helps with integration – for children, parents and grandparents carefully tailored to cultural characteristics

  • Sing along with us in Karaoke mode

  • Vocabulary-Mode for listening, understanding & repeating, with translations

  • Take funny photos & share them with the whole family – of you with the funny pet band!

  • Child- and Grandparents-friendly Interactions

  • App languages: German, Vietnamese, English

Use Cases

  • Kindergarten

  • Elementary School

  • At Home

Screenshot of the Songs of Cultures AR function
Screenshot of the Songs of Cultures AR function
Showing a polaroid photo of a little girl using the AR funktion of Songs of Cultures

It was easy to understand how the app works. Everything is easy to use. The characters and worlds are child-friendly and well-designed. The vocabulary mode is very cool, allowing kids to learn simple words in a foreign language.

Coding Kids
Coding Kids
Magazine for digital understanding

Yes, we need ideas, energy, imagination and a vision to shape our future! Songs of Cultures is definitely an innovative, creative and groundbreaking language learning app. Absolutely worth seeing and experiencing! Download and try it out!

Prof. Dr. Matthias Ballod
Prof. Dr. Matthias Ballod
Professor Didactics of German Language and Literature


The development of the first app in the “Songs of Cultures”-Series is supported by the European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF) within the context of the Digital Creativity funding programme of the Saxony-Anhalt Investment Bank. App Realease is expected to be completed in December 2020.

Funded by the Art Foundation of the State of Saxony-Anhalt and the Kloster Bergesche Foundation.

Explore Songs of Cultures and bring your kids the love for music, languages & cultures.

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