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Photo of a Woman touching Bauhaus geometric forms

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Marcel Wiessler, Felix Herbst prefrontal cortex

Project date

April – August 2019

Where to see?

Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Based on the historical preliminary course of the Bauhaus (first academic year), the visitors of the new Bauhaus Museum in Dessau create their own digital works by experimenting with geometric shapes, materials, colors and composition and thereby internalising the basic principles of design. The results can be viewed and sent via email and visualized as augmented reality sculptures.
In this way, a unique experience is created that transfers the historical way of learning into the digital age in an modern and playful way.

Die Anwendung war ein großes Highlight im Bauhaus Museum.
Meine Kinder haben mindestens 40 Minuten an dem Touchscreen verbracht und sie wurden sogar von viele Besucher umrundet, um zu sehen was sie kreiert hatten. Es hat ihnen sehr viel Spaß gemacht und sie fanden es sehr toll wie man mit den Fingern so gut in 3D Objekte kreieren kann. Es fehlte nur eine Anbindung an ein 3D-Drucker, und dann wäre es der Hammer! :-)
Photo of man using Bauhaus Digital
Photo of woman using Bauhaus Digital
3D Image of geomatric forms
3D animation Image of geomatric forms
3D animation of geomatric forms changing materials

To bring museum art to visitors’ homes and to be remembered as a museum in times of pandemic, we developed a WebApp. For this, visitors can view the artwork they have created and proudly show it to their friends using augmented reality technology and share it on social media.

Bauhaus AR Mock up

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