Ombre Fabula

An interactive Shadow Theater
Project date



Intel Realsense App Challenge 2015, 2nd place

Ombre Fabula tells the story of a little boy who wants to restore his grandmother’s extinct eyesight. In order to help him, the player has to create certain silhouettes with his own hands, which conjure up magical shadow creatures. This requires some skill, but these mystical figures can collect lights of a certain colour for the boy. Once the boy has collected all the lights, he is rewarded with the end of the story.

This interactive shadow play can be understood as a reinterpretation of traditional shadow puppet theatre. Real shadows merge with a virtually staged world. For this purpose, the linear medium, in the form of a fable, is combined with innovative interaction principles and specially conceived for the technological use of the Intel Creative Gesture depth camera and prototypically implemented.

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